Monday, June 16, 2014

a few of my favorite things. {closet edition}

after spending a lot of last weekend in hell a home improvement store - i had to get my internet window shopping in of all things girly to even out the fact that i went into public with mud and dirt all over me, sweaty and only half way finished with the project we started. but - we finished the project and the yard already looks a million times better so i can't complain.

anyway, to try and even out my 'shopping' from home improvements i'm sharing a few of my favorite things {to please enter my closet edition}

i love this maxi skit from gracie b. it's not your traditional maxi and can be dressed up or down.

this mod cloth knee-length skirt is amazing.the right mix of vintage and modern to the look and is another versatile piece. aka more bang for your buck!

though these mod cloth shorts might be too short for me {tough to say without trying them on} i love the idea of them. the colorful high waisted shorts are great for slummin' around on a sunday or a casual date night look.

this old navy look is spot on. i would not normally couple all these things together, but i love the look. chic and sporty and i imagine it feels like you're wearing your pj's while running around town, lounging around the house or maybe even going to your favorite home improvement store [my new past-time.]
oh my bead work. mod cloth does it again, and always. i should have my paycheck direct deposited to them so i can just buy all the pretties. this dress is lovely, i don't even care that i might not have anything to wear it to [maybe weddings? or maybe just around the house...] but this dress is one that i will day dream about wearing.

if this post doesn't confirm my obsession with mod cloth i do not know what will. these shoes and belt are so so so adorable and it makes me wish i had four feet so i could wear both pairs and not have to make the tough decision. i mean really, how fun are these accessories?

now that i'm feeling extra girly again, i need to slowly step away from the filled online shopping bags and get back to some home projects. what pieces are missing from you dream summer wardrobe?



Friday, June 13, 2014

a few of my favorite things. {home edition}

we've lived in our house for nearly a year and my walls have been pretty bare. i'm slightly embarrassed about that, but at the same time my mother told me (on multiple occasions to i think reassure me that it was okay to have blank walls for awhile) "don't hang anything just yet. you have to get a feel for your space..." well, i'd hope after a year i have a feel for my space.

there so so many nail holes. i can't even being to count them, but i can tell you that the people who lived here before us really enjoyed pictures on every wall and in every nook and cranny of the house. oh, and texas stars... every where. there's also the nebraska cornhusker red kitchen... i'll write more about that after i paint it. (which i've been putting off because painting over red is such a pain the butt...)

recently, i took a trip to a few different garage sales and found some interesting pieces to add to our home decor. i think mr. s thought i'd done lost my mind bringing in what probably looked like a hodge podge of junk, that would fill up our entire home, maybe to the point that we'd overflow and start being the neighbors with washing machines in our front yard. luckily, we do not have to do that... just yet. we have at least 10 more garage sale/antiquing adventures/first fridays before that happens maybe even 12.

at one of the garage sales i found a really interesting piece. it's a well known fact that i might just buy anything teal/turquoise or some shade of blue/green. and by might i mean it's a 99.9% change unless of course it's hideous or too big to fit in my car. but what on earth would i do with an old piece of metal, rustically painted teal? at first i thought i'd made some wall hooks out of it, but then realized that would take entirely too long and would be added to the variety of other projects i have hidden away in the guest room i have yet to complete. thanks to the internet, i saw a brilliant idea - someone had taken an old wood board and turned it into something similar to a wooden french board, but much much much easier to make. did i emphasis the MUCH here? basically you secure yarn, twine or whatever you want to hold your pictures in place and wrap it around your board keeping it pulled tight to keep tension.

my creative light bulb went off and i knew that is what i needed to do with my strange slab of beautifully painted metal. i grabbed some twine, knotted it enough to have it hold between the folds in the metal corners and started wrapping it around as tight as i possibly could.

slowly figuring out it wouldn't be able to hold the pictures on it's own, my solution? clothes pins + magnets.

final product:
since this picture, i have moved it to be horizontal and have it resting on top of my type shelf that looks similar to this...

filled with my letters.

i also decided to spiff up the entry way. so when guests (or me and mr.s) have coats, hats whatever we hang hang them up there instead of searching high + low for a hanger those are a hot commodity.

after adding some decor to our walls, i decided maybe i should organize. i swear, i now know how my mom could find all these projects to do each weekend. a house can never be fully organized, because guess what we live in it.

but i found a wire basket i really liked {similar to the one below} that fit perfectly onto a primitive shelf i've had around {previously mr. s' bar} that i moved to the living/family room so we could have a side table for the love seat.

i am sort of obsessed with wire baskets but that is a topic for a different day.

 this wire basket hold lots of  somethings for a special something else that's been a new fixture in our home...

she only has a few million toys at this point that fill up the basket. but how do you say NO to that face?

till next time.



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

check that off the bucket list.

we all have a long list of items we're dying to do. i didn't believe that running a full marathon was on my list. to be honest, when people asked "so, when are you going to run a full marathon?" i'd look at them as if they had three heads and reply... "never. i'm not THAT crazy."

Well... at some point after a few half marathons under my belt, my tune changed just a little...

 About a year ago, during my quarter life crisis, i decided that if i ever wanted to run a full marathon now would be the time. my weekends consist of doing what i want when i want - i spend a majority of the time running anyway and maybe if i ran more i'd shop less? me, shop less... that's hilarious.

turns out i AM that crazy and i also will not shop less... but at least marathon shopping is to help benefit my health, right? That's how I look at it. lucky for me, people in my family and mr. s' usually don't know what to buy me, i was pretty set on garry gribbles gift cards to help buy me a new pair of shoes (essential for marathon training...)

i managed to convince myself to run a full marathon before i turned 26... what a better way to deal with my quarter life crisis than to count down and run a marathon before it's over? right, i know. i won't lie to  you and say that marathon training was the most fun i had in my entire life. there were days that i felt like the best runner in all of the world and then days where i thought "bri, what the heck did you get yourself into?! you can barely do three today, how can you do 23 more?!"

yes, there was a lot of self doubt in training. there were a lot of days i had to talk myself into it, and days where mr. s had to remind me that i can do it. and i went out there and did all my training runs, even if i had to walk. did all my cross trainings and tried to eat the right way mostly sweet potatoes to help fuel me to run.

on April 26, yes i'm a little late, i ran all 26.2 miles in all of it's glory. it rained for about an hour and a half. and by rained i mean there was some small hail, lots of rain and a little bit of thunder and lightening. needless to say, there were lots of puddles and lots of blisters.

i started the race running with a sub 5 pace group feeling pretty good until the rain hit. ended up running the remaining 22 miles with a woman named rebecca. without her i probably would have stopped at mile 10 and just asked someone to carry me. she was running her 2nd marathon in two weeks to join the maniacs before she moves to europe. (yeah pretty awesome!) thank goodness for mr. s driving to different miles to cheer me and my new found running friend or i probably wouldn't be writing about finishing... but i did and thank goodness because take a looksy at my sweet hardware.

and yes. it tastes delicious.

my next race is to be determined. i've been running very little in my recovery time, which is nice. now i want to go for a run, just waiting for what feels like monsoon season in kansas to cut it out.

till then, i'll be decorating the house.



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

these are a few of my favorite things. [i wish were in my closet]

it's a known fact that i enjoy shopping. and i love fashion. here are a few things i wish were in my closet... like yesterday!
can you imagine this sweet little tunic with some skinnies and ankle boots?

the amelia knit tunic from

because how fun is this outfit from 

the midnight ballerina skirt from

because grey goes with everything... right?

ankle boots. from

i am in love with betsey bags - this one's color has caught my eye

betsey johnson skull satchel from

what key pieces do you have your eye on?


Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014. the year of _______________.

each year i think - this will be the year i do __________. i'd like to think that 2014 will be the year i do ____________.

last year i accomplished so much in what seems like so little time. started a new job, helped launch a new business, ran another half marathon solo (and pr'd it 2:13 woohoo!), completed an amazing leadership course [5 months of amzingness], bought a house, hosted my first christmas eve & nye, made my home a christmas wonderland - barbie tree and all and started to feel like a real adult. [and then wanted to vomit because i realized i was a 'real' adult].

i've set my goals - and they're lofty.

my biggest one is coming up in april -- running my first full marathon. i vomit each time i think about running 26.2 miles - i'm not sure if that's excitement or nerves. probably both. i am going between 2 marathons - but they're both on the same weekend. i'm stil trying to figure out all my training -  there's a ton of running with these things who'dathought!

another goal, is to get my home decorated. that means a lot of painting, filling the millions of nail holes in my walls and making decisions. i think the last one is probably the hardest. it also translates to projects, and maybe just maybe entertaining blog posts because inevitably i will do something cool or really really really wrong and it will be humorous.

another goal is to be the best friend i can be. sometimes we lose ourselves in our own lives we forget those who mean the world to us.

each year my goal is get fitter. obviously [i'd hope] a marathon will help me get there, but it's all about pushing my body's limits and seeing how far i can go. the sky is the limit.

what do you envision your 2014 to be?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

is it possible to dust off a blog?

does the internet get dusty if you don't keep up with it? i imagine my blog is probably covered in cobb webs and dust - thank goodness that is all held in the depths of the internet and not when i open my computer up.

here's to being back on the blog and here's to my lovely brainstorming session and content ideas. now... here's to writing them!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

where do you shop? pt. 1

so, the more i read and learn, the more i turn to organics. i wish i had an unlimited grocery budget to buy everything organic. and then have an unlimited amount of time to make everything from scratch.

i do what i can to make things organic and from scratch, but sometimes a mix can save the day.

i try to eat somewhat grain-free, (a little on the paleo/primal side). somewhat dairy free (i do like cheese, it's in my name!) and organic as possible. but we all know that organic can get expensive, especially meats! it can be $4-6 per lbs. for chicken, beef, etc. so, i did a little blog research. and you know what i found out?

i found that some aldi's [lucky for me, mine does] carry organics. *cue angels singing/followed by a crash maybe glass shattering* aka my dreams of saving money and still eating organic yeah, i know.

at first, i thought "okay, i can't do aldi's i just can't. their food is subpar, blah blah blah." finally fed up with my ever rising grocery bill for two freaking  people [we don't eat like kings here and have 5 course meals every meal..] i decided i'd take a plunge and try aldi's.

to my surprise, aldi's makes me not want to go crazy when i go to the store. because, like any normal human, going to the store on the weekend makes you want to rip your hair out of your head one strand at a time. maaaybe a slight exaggeration, but i'm not too far off.

aldi's is like the step sibling to trader joe's. they are owned by the same company, but are not sister stores. i've read that tj's does market research by the amount of organics sold at an aldi's. so why not go and see if you can get some cheaper organics. [yes, i know there are lots of people who have good and bad things to say about tj's or any grocery store, but the food i've been getting is quality and i've been saving some money.]

so, what do i buy at aldi's?

  • organic chicken
  • organic turkey (jeannie-o's)
  • some produce that is not featured on the dirty dozen list
    • onions (4-5 in a bundle for a few bucks -- SCORE!)
    • avocados (if they look good)
    • garlic
    • broccoli
    • sweet potatoes
    • pineapples
  • almonds
  • pork/beef for mr. s 
  • and they have other little deals here and there that i can't pass up!
yes, at aldi's you put down a quarter (which you get back) to use a cart. which is actually great because people PUT AWAY THEIR CARTS! you bring your own bags or can buy some for cheap! and the store is easy to navigate and it takes me like 20 minutes to get in and out unless it's busy. you bag your own stuff, but don't you get aggravated when the baggers ruin your logic of how you put things together when laying them on the check out? i do.

do you have an aldi's in your area? do you like going? or have you ever gone?

happy shopping.



*these opinions are all my own!*