Tuesday, January 21, 2014

these are a few of my favorite things. [i wish were in my closet]

it's a known fact that i enjoy shopping. and i love fashion. here are a few things i wish were in my closet... like yesterday!
can you imagine this sweet little tunic with some skinnies and ankle boots?

the amelia knit tunic from shopgracieb.com

because how fun is this outfit from www.connietang.com 

the midnight ballerina skirt from modcloth.com

because grey goes with everything... right?

ankle boots. from oldnavy.com

i am in love with betsey bags - this one's color has caught my eye

betsey johnson skull satchel from zappos.com

what key pieces do you have your eye on?


Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014. the year of _______________.

each year i think - this will be the year i do __________. i'd like to think that 2014 will be the year i do ____________.

last year i accomplished so much in what seems like so little time. started a new job, helped launch a new business, ran another half marathon solo (and pr'd it 2:13 woohoo!), completed an amazing leadership course [5 months of amzingness], bought a house, hosted my first christmas eve & nye, made my home a christmas wonderland - barbie tree and all and started to feel like a real adult. [and then wanted to vomit because i realized i was a 'real' adult].

i've set my goals - and they're lofty.

my biggest one is coming up in april -- running my first full marathon. i vomit each time i think about running 26.2 miles - i'm not sure if that's excitement or nerves. probably both. i am going between 2 marathons - but they're both on the same weekend. i'm stil trying to figure out all my training -  there's a ton of running with these things who'dathought!

another goal, is to get my home decorated. that means a lot of painting, filling the millions of nail holes in my walls and making decisions. i think the last one is probably the hardest. it also translates to projects, and maybe just maybe entertaining blog posts because inevitably i will do something cool or really really really wrong and it will be humorous.

another goal is to be the best friend i can be. sometimes we lose ourselves in our own lives we forget those who mean the world to us.

each year my goal is get fitter. obviously [i'd hope] a marathon will help me get there, but it's all about pushing my body's limits and seeing how far i can go. the sky is the limit.

what do you envision your 2014 to be?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

is it possible to dust off a blog?

does the internet get dusty if you don't keep up with it? i imagine my blog is probably covered in cobb webs and dust - thank goodness that is all held in the depths of the internet and not when i open my computer up.

here's to being back on the blog and here's to my lovely brainstorming session and content ideas. now... here's to writing them!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

where do you shop? pt. 1

so, the more i read and learn, the more i turn to organics. i wish i had an unlimited grocery budget to buy everything organic. and then have an unlimited amount of time to make everything from scratch.

i do what i can to make things organic and from scratch, but sometimes a mix can save the day.

i try to eat somewhat grain-free, (a little on the paleo/primal side). somewhat dairy free (i do like cheese, it's in my name!) and organic as possible. but we all know that organic can get expensive, especially meats! it can be $4-6 per lbs. for chicken, beef, etc. so, i did a little blog research. and you know what i found out?

i found that some aldi's [lucky for me, mine does] carry organics. *cue angels singing/followed by a crash maybe glass shattering* aka my dreams of saving money and still eating organic yeah, i know.

at first, i thought "okay, i can't do aldi's i just can't. their food is subpar, blah blah blah." finally fed up with my ever rising grocery bill for two freaking  people [we don't eat like kings here and have 5 course meals every meal..] i decided i'd take a plunge and try aldi's.

to my surprise, aldi's makes me not want to go crazy when i go to the store. because, like any normal human, going to the store on the weekend makes you want to rip your hair out of your head one strand at a time. maaaybe a slight exaggeration, but i'm not too far off.

aldi's is like the step sibling to trader joe's. they are owned by the same company, but are not sister stores. i've read that tj's does market research by the amount of organics sold at an aldi's. so why not go and see if you can get some cheaper organics. [yes, i know there are lots of people who have good and bad things to say about tj's or any grocery store, but the food i've been getting is quality and i've been saving some money.]

so, what do i buy at aldi's?

  • organic chicken
  • organic turkey (jeannie-o's)
  • some produce that is not featured on the dirty dozen list
    • onions (4-5 in a bundle for a few bucks -- SCORE!)
    • avocados (if they look good)
    • garlic
    • broccoli
    • sweet potatoes
    • pineapples
  • almonds
  • pork/beef for mr. s 
  • and they have other little deals here and there that i can't pass up!
yes, at aldi's you put down a quarter (which you get back) to use a cart. which is actually great because people PUT AWAY THEIR CARTS! you bring your own bags or can buy some for cheap! and the store is easy to navigate and it takes me like 20 minutes to get in and out unless it's busy. you bag your own stuff, but don't you get aggravated when the baggers ruin your logic of how you put things together when laying them on the check out? i do.

do you have an aldi's in your area? do you like going? or have you ever gone?

happy shopping.



*these opinions are all my own!*

Thursday, June 13, 2013

i swear, i didn't fall off the face of the earth.

i can't believe it's been so long since i've written. what a horrible blogger i've been! i promise i haven't totally fallen off the face of the earth. life has literally been such a blur that my last blog post feels like yesterday, but also feels months away. i think we all know how that goes in life, it goes by in a blink and feels forever away and as if it's just happened.

that's life. and i hear it gets worse as we get older. i mean i turned the big 2-5 while i was away.

one of my closest friends came back from colorado to celebrate and our third counter part ft. in this pic. i think the get well balloon was for the 'old age.' unfortunately that just doesn't go away, does it?

we lovingly caption race pictures pre-death. this one was pretty close i think we both almost [wanted to] toss our cookies. i also think this is the worst picture i've ever taken before a race.
but with age, i must say i pr'd a 10k with my running buddy, jamie. we ran it in 1:01:36. we were hoping for under and hour. it was so close and to be honest, i'm not sure we trained that hard for under an hour. there is always next time, right?

we ran the jazz in the woods 10k. the course was pretty and challenging with some up hills and plenty of downhills to follow! the thing i didn't like was that the 10k looped the course twice. there were some logistical issues with that, but over all that race was great. well marked (major plus!) Just wished there were more people out there cheering on the runners, but at 7:30 a.m. i know i'd want to choose bed too.

i've been whipping things up in the kitchen, but i'm hoping i can figure out what was close to my recipes. i think i'm close. i may as well throw out my measuring cups i'm hopeless.

don't worry, i haven't disappeared. i'm trying to make my come back.



Thursday, May 2, 2013

race season. began

with april comes race season. i got started a little later than last year, but i have big year end plans. hopefully!

my first race this year was with my mom for her FIRST 5k! she's been training for months for the race and let me tell you. she kicked booty! we finished in 43 (2 minutes under her goal time)!

i am so happy i got to be there to cheer her on every step of her first race. i think i even quoted her a lot. you know have her the famous mom-isms i heard throughout my childhood.

a cool crisp morning made for a chilly race but it was pretty perfect conditions. and i couldn't be prouder of my mom for running her first race! she might even be hooked.

warrior dash.

i was always the kid at soccer practice begging my coach to let us do sliding practice at any sign of rain. it meant mud from head to toe and a lot of fun. i was a goalie for obvious reasons!

i am in a leadership program where i live and one of my fellow classmates suggested doing the warrior dash as a class. i was in. i tried to talk people into it last year but no one took my bait. so i jumped on this and we worked to convince our class. it's hard to convince 30 other people to give up sleeping in on a sunday morning run 3.1 miles and get muddy.

to me it sounds perfect. but we all know i'm a little crazy. so my two fellow warriors and i made the hour drive to the race on a sunday morning.

and our adventure began.

we were in the first heat of the morning. and it was a beautiful day. sunny and warm unlike the previous, cool spring day.

warrior dash was a blast. climbing over things, jumping in mud pits, running trail and clearing fire was all too fun.

the aftermath of the mud bath was not as pleasant. mud gets everywhere. i mean everywhere. my shoes coated [they might still be sitting on the patio. i hope no animals think they're a hole in the ground. they're that muddy.]

but the race offers private showers if you raise $500+ we didn't raise that, so instead we got hosed down by basically cold water from a fire hydrant. which sounds fun, but hurts. needless to say I was still messy when i got home.

the races i started with this year weren't about beating my pr's but running with others and encouraging them to keep going. it was so fun. if you have the opportunity to run a race like warrior dash. do it.

what races are you training for?


Monday, April 1, 2013

iced coffee. @ home.

yes. please.

i was so anxious to fill my favorite coffee mug. 
i found a way to enjoy the strongest, most delicious iced coffee at home. at it's so freakin' easy. i love coffee. i love strong coffee. cold brew is genius. saves time in the morning from having to boil water & i don't feel like i need 80 cups just like 45 cups of coffee to get me through the day. possible exaggeration

 whatcha need...

you need a french press, a lot of coffee & 12+ hours.

what to do..

1. put about 1/4 c of coffee in your french press [you can do less or more depends on how strong you may want this, 1/4 c makes it pretty strong.]

2. fill your french press with cold water. [like you would if you were making regular, hot coffee.]

3. then. cover it with some saran wrap or something. not the filter from the press.

4. stick it in your fridge overnight or longer.

5. remove from fridge, press your filter. then enjoy a nice big cup of cool brewed coffee.

optional to add ice cubes, milk or whatever else you put in your coffee.

then drink the whole thing, shake most of the day and maybe not close your eyes because you'll be wired.
mm'mm tasty + strong
how do you take your coffee? strong and delicious?